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Whether you’re dealing with small leaks, storm damage, a total roof replacement, or simply need a roof inspection, you can trust the team at Structured Solar and Roofing Systems. We’re a leading residential roofing company in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX, and we’ve set ourselves apart by focusing on our customer’s experience. We have a knowledgeable and experienced team with the skills and expertise to handle every roofing issue. When it comes to your home, your roof’s health is essential to keeping you and your family safe and protected from outside elements. Keeping up with maintenance and using quality roofing materials is a vital part of that process. If you need roofing repairs or think it’s time for a roof replacement, call us today to schedule a free inspection.
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Our Residential Roof Services

Structured Solar and Roofing Systems specialize in residential roofing services. Whether you need a full roof replacement, roofing repairs, or simply help with your gutters and downspouts, we have the knowledge to handle any job quickly and efficiently. We specialize in working with insurance companies and will help you navigate the complicated claim process. We’re proud to offer a variety of residential roofing services that can provide solutions to your problems:

Explore Our Roofing Repair Services

If your roof has damage from storms, invasive vegetation, algae growth, holes, or other damage, it’s time to call on our professional team of roofing specialists. The average lifespan of a roof in Texas is approximately 8-15 years, but to extend or protect the lifespan, we recommend keeping up with necessary repairs. Your home will eventually sustain damage. Regardless of the cause, our team is ready to inspect the roof and provide a solution that meets your individual needs. Here are some signs your roof may be in need of an evaluation:

Sagging Roof

If you notice your roof is sagging, you should call our team of roof repair experts right away. The sagging could be due to excess weight on your roof (such as too many shingles), water damage to critical areas, or even weakened roof structures. Regardless of the cause, we’ll help restore your roof’s integrity.

Water Leaks

If you notice water leaking through your roof or attic after a rainfall, you need roof repair. The water could be getting in through holes or cracks in your roof. We’ll find and correct the underlying reasons and stop the leak entirely.

Damaged Shingles

Missing, broken, curled, or dented shingles are a sign that you need your roof serviced. Most of the time, broken, bent, or dented shingles can be repaired, but missing or heavily damaged shingles must be replaced.

Mold, Algae, or Other Growths

Discovering mold, moss, or mildew on and around your roof indicates that your roof needs professional help. Any growth rots roofing materials, leading to other, more expensive issues.

Why You Should Choose Structured Solar and Roofing Systems

When you’re looking for the right roofing contractor, there are several factors you should consider. You want a company that has workers compensation insurance, is staffed with quality, skilled, and experienced roofers and office staff with the ability to take care of any issues, will work with you to help file insurance claims, and provide unrivaled customer service.

We’re a local company serving the Dallas and Fort Worth area and have repaired over 31,000 homes. We offer no-cost, no-obligation roof inspections and a workmanship warranty on our services. Learn more about our residential roofing services below and contact us today to get started.

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