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We Use Tier-1 Brands and Install Solar Panels All Across the DFW Metroplex

Structured Solar and Roofing Systems is proud to be one of the leading providers of solar panels in the DFW Metroplex area. Our family of companies has received the Angi Super Service Award numerous years since 2012, and we have been recognized by countless organizations for our commitment to quality products and even better customer service. From our humble beginnings as a foundation repair company to our expansion into roofing and innovative solar technology, we have excelled at everything we do. If you're considering outfitting your property with solar technology, there is no better place to turn.
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Lower Your Utility Costs by Switching to a Renewable Energy Source

Solar panels are a great step toward energy independence. They offer benefits that extend beyond cost savings. For instance, solar panels will drastically reduce your carbon footprint, lower your electricity bills, and increase property value, making your property attractive to future buyers. Lastly, you can use various local, state, and federal programs for rebates and tax credits, making solar power more affordable than ever. Our team has the experience needed to help you leverage the power of the sun and renewable energy to save money. No matter your goals, solar power is an excellent investment.

Achieve Long-Term Sustainability Today

We work with and can install all brands of solar panels. Below are some of the top brands that have been independently verified by impartial organizations, guaranteeing their effectiveness and ensuring you get the best product for your home.


Qcell offers tier-one quality with a comprehensive long-term performance warranty on residential and commercial solar panel products.


REC has empowered over 20 million people to improve their carbon footprint and reduce their energy consumption.

Silfab Solar

We don't settle for less, nor do they. You can count on prestige and optimal performance from this manufacturer.


The innovative and efficient panels produce results day after day. We're proud to install them in homes throughout the area.

Revolutionize Your Home With Solar Technology

Solar panels can transform your home into an energy efficient property. Learn more about them below:

Trustworthy and High-Quality Solar Solutions for Your Home

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